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Meeting the Japanese singer Saeko was very interesting and fascinating, because I personally realised that there is no culture, religion or society that can alter the perception of the beauty of inner feeling, and that it is only possible to express this feeling through the most profound inspiration, which allows man to find the thread to his own self.


The singer Saeko, by drawing examples from her personal experience, showed us how we constantly face a Big Choice in our lives: we can either choose to Live for real, and in this way we can become a channel though which something bigger than us can express itself - something so True that we can feel a communion with the meaning of life - or we can be content with catching a glimpse of what surrounds us - or rather, as Pirandello wrote, "watch ourselves live", decide not to "inhabit" things, but merely witness a dull reflection of ourselves -. […] An expressiveness that originates in our inner core, as she says, is a centrifugal motion of growth that brings us back to the Mystery that lies inside of us and life.


Today's meeting was brilliant. Saeko Kitamae presented us her thoughts filled with positive and profound emotions, emotions that are of the utmost importance for any human being who is willing to live genuinely.


In my opinion, a true singer, as well as any artist of any kind, should really try - just like Saeko does - to send a strong message through the lyrics of their songs. These should never be banal or superficial, but full of meaning, and they should demonstrate the author's strong receptiveness towards the world that surrounds us. Therefore it is good that we learn from this singer's charisma. Despite the fact that she comes from a continent so far away from ours, she has managed to render her sensibility and her emotions universal and comprehensible no matter what language she uses. Let us look inside ourselves and let us try to uncover our heart, our frailty and our hopes.


Saeko is a richly expressive and truly unique personality. It is absolutely natural for humans to revolt against the sorrows and the injustice of the world; natural calamities, fears and death. Saeko just like many other humans, has decided to shout her rage to the world, by telling her story to other people and to her "true self" as well. Each of us in the audience learned that we have a conscious, more rational side, that tends to passively watch itself live, and judge itself while living, and a second side that tends to live without ever looking back, the "true self" (reference to Pirandello). This is the essence of our selves, which allow us to perceive our emotions with deep intensity. It makes us feel alive and in harmony with the Universe, and it make us freely express the contents that float inside our "true self". This is the explosion of creativity, that materialises in movement by means of the body, in sound by means of the voice and in abstraction by means of colour. For once let us not worry about how we appear on the outside; let's freely focus on what makes us feel alive instead, otherwise we risk losing it forever.


Hers was a very lively and engaging talk, during which I noticed the totality of her expressiveness - words and body language were taking turns being the main means of communication - and during which I perceived an exchange of energy. Saeko, who is a singer songwriter, showed and explained her videos to us, by which she pointed out how her job is that of bringing out what she feels inside. In each performance, in each song, she becomes her TRUE SELF. This means that she takes on her own true identity, without worrying about any external judgement and without aiming for fame or success. [...] She is a model of how to live our lives to the fullest.


The singer Saeko insisted on making us understand how we should draw our expression from within ourselves. In fact, not to express ourselves from within means to express something that it's not us! […] She also pointed out that, when we are children, we are able to accept what we are. However, once we become adults, we start comparing ourselves to others and we are no longer able to accept ourselves. Our true self however is something unique, and we risk losing contact with it everyday. Rationality is important, she said, but we should not follow it too blindly, otherwise we risk losing that special something that lies within ourselves.


This meeting was very meaningful and unique for sure. Saeko Kitamae came all the way from Japan for us, and thanks to her we once again had the chance to see how powerful the ability to express oneself is, and how the ability of mimesis is exclusive to few. [...] My true self, Saeko says, is something unique, just because each one of us is unique. That is why we should not let the external world affect us: we should not be what others want us to be; we need to be ourselves. The energy that comes from outside is much weaker and doesn't compare to the energy that comes from within. We all have this special energy that allows those who can reach it to express the truth that they have inside, within their true-self. It is exactly from people like Saeko, artists who are able to get closer to Nature and to the truer and deeper meaning of life, that we have to learn if we wan to be able to walk with our own legs, see with our own eyes, pass on to others what we have learned and set ourselves free from the chains that prevent us from seeing anything but shadows and appearances!!!