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  • I learned a lot about the power of our imagination and dreams and that we should not give up on our lives.

  • It was such a powerful talk that I even wish to hear her talk all over again. I am very happy that I had this rare opportunity.

  • It was a very edifying talk for me, who dreams of being an artist in the future. Hoping to enter an art-related university or professional school after graduation, I had been increasingly anxious about my choice. Yet her talk made me firmly decide to choose the path to being an artist.

  • Until now I didn’t believe in the power of intuition, but now I feel there might be something higher guiding us. For this awakening, I thank her a lot.

  • It was very beneficial for me, who has been grappling with life’s questions. Now I know the preciousness of having a true self.

  • Her lecture was very profitable and applicable to me. It affected me as though it had been designed for my ears. Thank you very much.

  • Occasionally we are harmed by the power of action. However, if one can make a decision and act firmly, even being prepared for the bad consequences that may result from his/her decisions, then we would be able to say that we are living to the fullest.

  • I learned the importance of having the courage to see oneself as one really is.

  • It made me reconsider how I have painted my pictures. I might have treated only images from the outside as important and discarded images from within. In the future, I would like to paint more freely as my heart wishes.

  • Most people nowadays, worrying too much about what other people think or their status, place limits on their own power. As if they were dead, their faces are pale. Yet I am struggling for my dream because this is my only life. Almost vomiting blood, I’m studying and enduring the loneliness, living far away from my family. I think everyone should live more zealously, struggling to live as they really wish.

  • I was impressed by her strength, believing in the power of intuition. I want her to live and live. I support her way of life. Also, I would like to express myself as she has done in her life.